John Malkovich x Squarespace

“I am always the figure in someone else’s dream. I would really rather sometimes make my own figures and make my own dreams.” - John Malkovich

At Squarespace, we aim to empower creative entrepreneurs who are just starting out, changing paths, or pursuing their passions to make their individual mark on the world. With this and the new year in mind, we are introducing a new brand platform, Make Your Next Move. Meant to inspire and encourage people to take that leap, it is more than a campaign; it’s a rallying cry to never settle for anything less than your dreams.

Make Your Next Move was born from our collaboration with John Malkovich. While working with John on Squarespace’s Playing Lynch, we learned that the Oscar-nominated actor’s true passion lay in fashion design. In fact, he was currently in development on his own fashion line, set to launch in 2017. John had an incredible collection of apparel and accessories, but needed a website to showcase his lookbook and an eCommerce store to sell his collection.

What started as a simple collaboration—, John’s online store—turned into something much more powerful. We worked with John to create Jaunt, a unique template based on John’s site for other fashion designers and creative entrepreneurs to use to launch their own websites. Furthermore, we were so touched by John’s story that we developed a short film about his transformation, titled Journey.

Journey is about John’s next move as a fashion designer. Set in Paris, it shows John struggling through the hard work, self-doubt, and external pressures—to persevere nonetheless and launch the first season of his line.

In this new year, in this time of change and fresh starts, we hope that John’s story inspires millions of people out there who are looking for something more—people who have a seed of an idea, and people who have a dream. This year, we hope that you make your next move with Squarespace.