What did you want to be when you grew up? An actor? An astronaut in training? Perhaps a professional fighter who plays Coachella? Or a fashion designer who holds a land-speed record? Idris Elba became all of the above. See how Squarespace helped him build a website worthy of his dreams.

Idris uses Squarespace to promote his fashion line and DJ performances.

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Q&A with Idris

Being that this campaign is all about childlike wonder, what did you dream about as a kid?

Growing up as a kid in East London, I was a big daydreamer. I wanted to do all sorts of things. My main dream was to become a radio presenter, or be a DJ in the music industry.

What gave you the confidence to dream so big?

My parents brought me up with the mindset of, “Go for it, Idris. You can do it if you want to.” I think that’s why I am who I am today.

People know you best for as an actor. What other dreams have you followed in your life?

Daydreaming led me from acting to filmmaking and directing. I’m also a DJ and produce music, which is something I do for the passion of it. Aside from that, I have my racing license. I broke a land-speed record and I drive rallies. I pursued my dream to become a pro kickboxer, which was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but so fulfilling. Fashion is also something I’ve always paid attention to. I was offered the opportunity to be a designer and I really 
enjoyed the visual side of it.

“Squarespace is a tool you can use to expand your thoughts, expand your creativity, expand your business.”
Idris Elba

What made you decide to do this particular campaign with Squarespace?

I use tools to do the stuff I do. I learn new ways to put myself out there in new areas. 
I like that Squarespace is a tool you can use to expand your thoughts, expand your creativity, expand your business. I’d love it if people saw this and looked deeper into the tools that they can use to be great.

What do you look for in a website to help your business stand out?

I look at the experience of the user. I want them to come to my site, see exactly what we offer, and have a very simple way of getting it. I want it to be informative and I want it to be easy on the eye. I chose Squarespace because I want to people to visit 2hrset.com and say to their friends, “They seem really professional. You should check them out."

Can you explain to us the meaning of the name 2hr Set?

A two hour set is the typical time period a DJ plays. Within that two hour set, you’re there to entertain. That’s your time. I took that ideology and applied to other things that happen for two hours in my day. If I do a two hour set in the gym, I go in feeling one way and come out of the gym feeling another. If I have to study for a scene, I’ll give myself two hours with my script and can really get stuff done. The two hour set concept is about just finding two hours, whatever it is you’re doing. Whether it’s going to the gym, whether it’s DJing, whether it’s cooking a great meal, that two hours is your window to go for it, and do it really well.

Idris shares his dreams with the world using Squarespace.
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