Squarespace: Stylish Website Creation for Any Skill Level


To get a startup off the ground, entrepreneurs need to engage potential customers in a variety of ways. One of the most important tools for reaching your target audience is a great website – one that puts a seasoned face on your operation, even if it’s still fledgling. With a multitude of templates, social integration and built-in e-commerce, all brought together by a simple and straightforward interface, Squarespace can help you create a clean, professional web presence in minutes.

Squarespace is a publishing platform that provides powerful site-building tools with unparalleled ease of use. Small businesses, whether a physical shop or online-only, need to build their brand through their website.  Squarespace understands this and provides the necessary tools and support to get your company’s online image up and running.

How Does it Work?

Squarespace allows you to build and tweak web layouts with drag-and-drop tools.  For example, photos can be uploaded by simply dragging them into the browser window. Once uploaded, they are automatically processed into multiple sizes so the user can scale them as the layout is edited. They also auto-scale so the website can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Similar controls allow you to add or reformat blocks of content with intuitive menus.

Squarespace provides its customers with tutorial videos on page creation, image management, and a how-to overview of their blogging engine and many other features. It’s easy to see how entrepreneurs, who may not have the cash to hire a web designer right out of the gate, would benefit from a publishing platform that requires little coding knowledge.

However, Squarespace’s audience is definitely not limited to the CSS and HTML challenged. If you want a bare bones blog, you have that option with minimalist templates available in the Squarespace gallery. But skilled developers can edit template code or drop in their own blocks of code and take the Squarespace platform anywhere they choose. As founder Anthony Casalena points out in a great interview with TechCruch

"You can make very simple sites on Squarespace. You can make something that’s the equivalent of a …Tumblr site and there’s lots of templates that will help you do that.  But we also have very specific sites that are for portofolios, small business websites, things like that…  [Squarespace] helps you manage a more sophisticated web presence, one where you actually have complete control."



Social Integration

With the Squarespace blog engine, you can push new posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Share buttons for Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ are also available with a click. Additionally, you can link your Dropbox account and email to Squarespace to move content from cloud storage to your new site, and to give users a link to email you.

The Money

There is a 14 day free trial, with pricing tiers at $8, $16, and $24 per month depending on your storage and bandwidth needs. All tiers include a free custom domain name, 24/7 customer support, mobile website scaling, and an iOS App that lets you track page views and post new blog entries from your iPhone or iPad. The highest tier includes e-commerce support with integrated payment processing from Stripe.

The Wrap Up

Customers are shrewd, and have limited time and money to spend. To win a customer over, it is key to build a strong web presence right out of the gate, and Squarespace can help your business do just that.

Of note: we have covered some great methods for improving your website, whether it’s optimizing your landing page with Pluralis or perfecting your press page with Totem, and Squarespace could serve as the foundation of your site.