The Best Hosting Services For Writers

We came across the following tweet from Marco Arment today which serves as reminder that you should control your online identity:

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.45.59 AM.png

For those of you who don't know Medium, it has become popular amongst creative people and focuses on a collaborative writing experience with a very clean and simple user interface.

Kenneth Reitz, developer at Heroku, further elaborates on why he switched from Medium back to self-hosted:

  • I couldn't embed any content in a post. Not even that tweet.
  • I couldn't track referrers to know where my readers are coming from.
  • I couldn't search Twitter for my posts because of the massively shared domain.
  • I couldn't even use
  • I couldn't pick my own URLs.
  • I couldn't do anything but keep writing.

Our mission at iwantmyname is to make it as easy as possible to register and set up your own domain name. The apps and services marketplace also lists lots of hosted apps for all types from individuals to businesses. We've handpicked a few of them that are especially suited for writers who want to have more control over their content:

General website builders (with blog functionality):

Blog hosting platforms:

WordPress hosting:

Based on Dropbox or Evernote (content stays on your computer):

For developers (simply use static site generator):

Now some of you might ask: but what about my content on closed platforms such as Tumblr or Squarespace? That's a valid question but Tumblr's acquisition by Yahoo! earlier this year resulted in lots of import tools by other services and the internet community for example. Most of the mentioned companies also allow you to export your data at any time which you should look out for when evaluating your next home on the web.