Squarespace Super Bowl 50 Campaign Stars Comedians Key & Peele Bringing The #RealTalk

Squarespace is bringing Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele” to Super Bowl 50 for its #RealTalk campaign.

The website development platform has released seven ads so far, but it’s holding its official Super Bowl spot for game day.

The campaign features Key and Peele portraying two aspiring sports commentators; the comedians also will provide live commentary during the game that will be streamed on Squarespace’s website.

A three-time Super Bowl advertiser, Squarespace will air its official 30-second spot during the first half of the game, along with 30-second teaser ads that will run during the pregame broadcast and brand spots scheduled to run after the game.

“Squarespace is the perfect platform for people to express their creativity,” said Keegan-Michael Key in a statement announcing the brand’s Super Bowl campaign, “Now that we’ve sold out, we’re just glad we did it with a brand like Squarespace.”

Created by the agency Anomaly, Squarespace’s #RealTalk spots were directed by Jonathan Krisel, a writer and director who has worked on a number of comedy shows, including “Portlandia” and “Saturday Night Live.”