Squarespace Circle wants you to be friends with other people who build websites

Maybe it’s a stroke of genius, although it initially sounds kind of weird, as the good podcast sponsors over at Squarespace have just launched a club for power users of its website-building platform.

Squarespace Circle has been created for customers with three or more active websites to get access to user perks.

Those outlined at launch include extended free trial periods, “optimized” customer care and mysterious but “exclusive” content.

WordPress has certainly benefitted from having a vibrant community mucking in to speed its development, with volunteers rewarded with things like early access to beta releases.

In fact, this could be exactly what Squarespace has been missing, given that it hovers at around 0.4 percent of CMS market share, putting it in 13th place worldwide. That’s despite it being founded only half a year after WordPress, which hosts more than a quarter of the Web.

If you’ve got three Squarespace sites, this is obviously a no-brainer. I’m not sure whether it will really convince people to set up more just to be involved.