Squarespace Helps John Malkovich Pursue His Fashion Business in New Campaign

Website development company Squarespace is helping John Malkovich build his fashion business in its newest campaign.

While Mr. Malkovich is well-known as an actor, his true passion is actually fashion design. The actor, who began his career as a costume designer, has released several collections over the years, but they haven't garnered much buzz.

The short film "Journey" debuting today explores the challenges Mr. Malkovich faces as he attempts to establish his reputation as a serious designer.

"I am always the figure in someone else's dream. I would really rather sometimes make my own figures and make my own dreams," Mr. Malkovich says in the video.

In conjunction with the film, Squarespace is also debuting, which will showcase his newest fashion line and allow people to buy items.

Mr. Malkovich has released two other fashion lines, but has never had an online presence. "I thought that was fatal," not being on the internet, Mr. Malkovich said in an interview.

So now he said is looking to bring his menswear directly to consumers, instead of waiting for buyers to come to him. This is also the first of his collections to be released under his own name.

Mr. Malkovich's journey is the first in Squarespace's "Make Your Next Move" campaign. Other influencers and customers who will be featured include interior designer Tom Delavan, hip-hop yoga studio Y7 and Urban Cowboy, a boutique bed and breakfast, among others.

Squarespace is timing the "Make Your Next Move" campaign to the new year as people set resolutions.

"There's been an explosion of entrepreneurship," said David Lee, chief creative officer, Squarespace. "Squarespace was founded on the idea of helping people go after their passions. The campaign is a reminder that you don't have to settle for anything less than anything you want to do."

Squarespace worked with JohnXHannes, a creative collective based in New York, to develop and produce the campaign. The campaign was produced by Smuggler and Flower Ave., directed by Miles Jay and photography by Zach Gold.