5 Ideas to Steal from Brands that Ruled the Super Bowl

A $5.5 million Super Bowl ad may not be in your budget, but here a few techniques you can afford to copy.

Squarespace also used a microsite to interact with their audience across different platforms. The ad begins with John Malkovich, very confusedly asking, “How is it that is taken?” Malkovich becomes even more angry when sees who it is actually occupying his domain.

In actuality John Malkovich has made the transition to fashion designer. Those who head to are treated to a splash page of the other John Malkovich, an award-winning fisher, that falls away to reveal Malkovich’s fashion website presented by Squarespace.

In what ways can you bring your brand campaigns to life? Consider creating a microsite or a landing page to attract more leads and engage visitors longer. Be sure to decide how you’ll coordinate these efforts across social media channels.