DIA channels NYC and gives Squarespace its signature kinetic treatment in brand refresh

When we think of tech and the companies that produce and work with it, Silicon Valley – not New York City – generally springs to mind. For Squarespace (SQSP), however, NYC has always been home and it’s this unique fact which DIA Studio has utilised in designing its recent brand refresh. Launched yesterday (3 December), the entirely kinetic identity system channels a style which is distinctively Squarespace, making reference to New York’s modernism, fashion, and technology.

“New York has always been in the DNA of Squarespace,” the brand chief creative officer, David Lee explains. “We’re proud to say that we’re an NYC-born and raised tech company. New York is in our blood.” Upon visiting the company’s offices, Mitch Paone, Meg Donohue and the rest of the DIA team were struck by this evident personality. “When you walk into the Squarespace headquarters there is such a clear aesthetic and attitude,” Mitch tells It’s Nice That, explaining where the idea to reference New York modernism came from. “When looking at the architecture of the office, it’s clear that iconic NY modernist landmarks [like the Seagram building and One Chase Plaza] run parallel to the SQSP aesthetic.”

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