GIPHY is launching a film festival for the age of very, very short attention spans

Pardon us Martin Scorsese, GIPHY says that next cinematic opus may take the form of an 18-second looping clip.

The online gif database that introduced us to internet classics such as James Van Der Beek is CryingDeal With It Cat, and Obama Mic Drop is launching a new film festival to showcase the medium’s narrative potential. Open to all filmmakers, artists, designers, and restless minds residing in the US, The GIPHY Film Fest will highlight loopable “micro films” that take less time to watch than reading this sentence.

The premise of the festival is ballsy. “GIPHY believes that micro-films up to 18 seconds are just as compelling, entertaining, creative, and professional-grade as any other film entering world-famous film festivals,” the press pitch reads.

The company has partnered with Squarespace, a website-building and hosting service, to reach the design community. The Museum of Moving Image in Queens, New York is currently using the walls and ceilings of its elevators as gallery space for gif art.

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