Make your mark: 4 NYC tech companies where employees run with their ideas


Squarespace helps people turn their ideas into action, so it’s only fitting that it would reserve time for employees to do the same. The team regularly works on new initiatives that provide value to employees and customers alike. We caught up with Software Engineer Kelsey Rose, who explained how she was able to turn an idea into a company feature that customers love.

How does Squarespace's culture encourage employees to act on their ideas?

One of my favorite ways that Squarespace enables employees to be creative and pursue their passions is through regularly scheduled hack weeks, which give employees across the company the time and space to build anything we want. It’s a great, consistent outlet to work on ideas and projects that we may not have had the time for in our day-to-day roles.


Can you share an example of a process, product or feature that came about from a grassroots initiative?

In May, Squarespace launched “Products on Instagram,” which started as a hack week project that I worked on. This feature enables product syncing between Squarespace and Instagram, so our merchants can share photos of their products on Instagram while directing traffic to their Squarespace site for purchase.

A teammate and I had been itching to build this feature for a while, but it wasn’t in our short-term product roadmap — so we took it to Hack Week. When the time came, we formed a team, built the feature and demoed it. Thanks to our stellar demo, we were given the time after Hack Week to polish our work and ship the feature. So far, we’ve gotten great initial feedback from our customers on social media, and it was incredibly rewarding to own and launch a feature ourselves.