Squarespace empowers people with creative ideas to succeed.

Our platform empowers millions of people — from individuals and local artists to entrepreneurs shaping the world’s most iconic businesses — to share their stories and create an impactful, stylish, and easy-to-manage online presence.


Squarespace was founded in Anthony's dorm room at the University of Maryland.


Squarespace has grown to a team of more than 670 talented individuals.


Since launch, millions of websites have been created on the Squarespace platform.

The roof at our New York City office.


As a truly exceptional place to work in New York, we consistently win workplace recognition in our industry.

The lobby at our New York office.

Our Values

  1. Be Your Own Customer

    Squarespace is built using Squarespace. Our entire business relies on the same platform and tools our customers pay us for. To that end, we build products and design experiences we would want for ourselves.

  2. Empower Individuals

    Squarespace believes in the power of the individual to create great things. This is what our product enables and our marketing celebrates.

  3. Design Is Not A Luxury

    Good design means coalescing hundreds of details into a package that is simple and beautiful. From the tools we create, to the experience our customers have, Squarespace strives for excellence in design and iterates relentlessly in order to achieve that ideal.

  4. Good Work Takes Time

    We respect the creative process and pursue long term ideas without fear. We only release our products when we feel they meet our standards.

  5. Optimize Towards Ideals

    While metrics are critical for tracking and testing the performance of our business, they are merely a reflection of our ideas and execution in the market. Our values and ideals are our decision making guide.

  6. Simplify

The front desk of our Dublin office.