Last updated: September 26, 2016

The Squarespace trademark appears in either black or white. No other colors are permitted. The trademark has three configurations - Horizontal, Stacked, and Symbol.

Before grabbing a Squarespace logo, please be sure to follow our basic rules:

  1. Comply with our Brand Guidelines.

  2. Don’t alter the shape, proportion, color or orientation of the logos. Keep ‘em black and white, and only as they appear below. (We know you have some great design ideas -- put them to work with a new Squarespace site!)

  3. Provide at least as much padding around the logo as what we’ve displayed below. This helps our logo appear clean and uncluttered.

Finally, if you have any questions about logo usage, you can reach us here.


Squarespace Logos

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Black Horizontal Logo AI • EPS • JPG • PDF • PNG • PSD

Black Horizontal Logo


White Horizontal Logo AI • EPS • JPG • PDF • PNG • PSD

White Horizontal Logo


Black Symbol AI • EPS • JPG • PDF • PNG • PSD

Black Symbol


White Symbol AI • EPS • JPG • PDF • PNG • PSD

White Symbol



Required Clear Space