Squarespace Takes Blogging on iPad to the Next Level

by Christina Warren

Web publishing platform Squarespace has released the first version of its iPad app.

Squarespace for iPad [iTunes link] is a free app that lets Squarespace users not only create and edit blog posts, but also moderate comments, view site statistics and manage multiple accounts. Similar to Squarespace’s excellent iPhone app, Squarespace for iPad has an intuitive design and some interesting features that really help set it apart from some of the other blogging tools in the App Store.

We had a chance to talk to Squarespace about the app and get a sneak peek of the blogging client in action.

Squarespace is a hosted website platform. It’s similar to TypePad, Blogger or in that they provide the hosting and the backend software. Users can edit and modify their blog, website or portfolio, but Squarespace takes care of the heavy lifting.

The iPad app is very attractive, matching both the iPhone app and the overall style of the interface. Users can sign into their accounts on the app or create a new account from the login page. Squarespace is not a free platform, but users can give the system a try for 14 days to see how they like it.