Squarespace iOS app updated for v6 of web hosting tool


Squarespace recently updated its website hosting platform to version 6; the update includes new templates, an improved layout engine and better social integration. The company added a total of 50 new features to the platform. To accompany this change, Squarespace also updated its iPhoneand iPad app to support version 6.

The Squarespace app lets you manage most aspects of your website from your mobile device. You can create and edit posts, add photos and even manage comments. The app also lets you preview your site on your phone and check your traffic stats on the go. Besides support for Squarespace 6, the latest version of the iOS app has a handful of undisclosed bug fixes.

You can download the Squarespace iPhone app and the iPad app from the iOS App Store for free. Though the app is free, Squarespace is a monthly paid service. You can read more about Squarespace 6 on Squarespace's blog.