Squarespace introduces Squarespace Note

by Steven Sande

Web hosting provider Squarespace has a new app out, but it's not what you might think it is. Rather than an update or completely new version of the Squarespace app, the company has released Squarespace Note, a free app to help people "record their ideas on the fly."

The app provides a fast way to write down ideas on an iOS device, loading a blank white piece of virtual paper upon launch. Once you've written a note, it can be synced to Squarespace, email, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook and Evernote. Everything you need to do can usually be done with a single swipe in one direction or another -- it's a very clean UI.

For Squarespace users, the Squarespace sync can be quite handy. If you have some ideas for a blog post, just enter them into your iPhone (you can use Siri dictation if your iPhone is capable), sync with an upward swipe and those ideas are turned into a draft post, ready for you to edit.

More than one service can be marked as a "default" so that when you swipe up to send, the note goes to (for example) Squarespace, email, Dropbox and Evernote with one gesture. Dropbox users will find that the app creates a Squarespace Note folder in the Apps folder, and notes can be saved to one large file or separate files. All notes can be marked with a location and are time and date stamped.

Linking accounts has been made drop-dead easy; often, just dragging a note icon onto another icon takes care of the setup. I was impressed with just how incredibly usable this app is, and since it works with all of the services I use, I think it's a keeper.