Squarespace Squares Off Against Drafts And Scratch With New Quick Note-Taking App

BY Aldrin Calimlim on Sun October 21st, 2012

It appears that Squarespace has just branched out from Web publishing into quick note-taking.

The popular blogging and content management company has just released Squarespace Note, an iPhone app that seems to challenge Drafts and Scratch in the quick-input notepad app scene.

But before we delve into the details of this new app, let’s get one thing out of the way first. Although it’s developed by Squarespace, Squarespace Note, unlike the company’s official iPhone app, does not require a Squarespace account. This brings to mind Tumblr’s recently released Photoset app, which similarly does not require a Tumblr account.

As mentioned, Squarespace Note is a quick note-taking app. But what sets it apart from its fellow note-taking apps Drafts and Scratch is its distinct minimalism and gesture support that is slightly reminiscent of Clear.

When the app is launched, Squarespace Note immediately loads a blank canvas. You can then write anything you want on this canvas without being distracted by extraneous interface elements.

From there, you can swipe to the left to select or configure your sending or sharing options. Supported options consist of Squarespace, email, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, and Evernote.

Provided that at least one sharing option has been selected, you may drag the canvas upward to send your note.

You can view a list of your sent notes by swiping to the right while on the canvas screen. Tapping an item on the list opens the corresponding note in full and also indicates which channels it was sent through.

Designed for iPhone and optimized with iPhone 5 support, Squarespace Note is available now in the App Store for free.