Squarespace Note brings beautiful minimalism to note-taking
 Sunday, November 4, 2012


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Apart from sending texts, playing games and... OK, no one makes calls anymore, but your iPhone can also serve as the perfect collector of your most random thoughts before they make it to that pilot you’ve been writing since college. Unfortunately, you might find yourself distracted by the ugly, Forstallian skeuomorphism that plagues Apple’s official Notes app. Fear not! Squarespace Note, a new note-taking app for iOS, is beautifully minimal yet powerful enough to serve all your needs.

Squarespace Note, developed by web publishing company Squarespace, employs next to no UI elements in its design, making jotting down notes on its snow-white screen a natural, focused experience. It’s the polar opposite of the overwrought approach Apple has employed in its recent efforts. Moreover, the app also employs gestures to manage the notes you take and where you might want to send them, be it Twitter or even Evernote.

Without bothering with too much design, Squarespace Note gets out of the way of the task at hand. It’s perfect for anyone who just wants to write down their next great idea.