Creation Stories

The world of makers got creative in 2012

Creativity used to involve paint, pen, and berets – but then again, creativity ain’t what it used to be. Startups are transforming what we make and the way we make it. Have a look at our favorite tools for the creative set in 2012.

She’s Crafty

Back in August, crafts startup Kollabora, and founder Nora Abousteit, were finding themselves getting the stitch-up from real estate agents. The team has since moved into a loft in SoHo, but you can get the backstory here.

3D Glasses Not Required

The revolutionaries at MakerBot work at an office that could only be described as Wonka-esque. Take a 2D tour with founder Bre Pettis here.

Shaping Up

MakerBot isn’t the only 3D game in town. In October, Dutch startup Shapeways cut the ribbon on what will be the largest 3D printing facility in the world – right here in NYC. Learn more, and get a better look at that Sad Keanu figurine, here.

New Markets

Etsy hasn’t just built a rich community for arts-and-crafters looking to sell their wares. The DUMBO startup has also created an amazing culture for its 300+ employees. Get the lowdown on Etsyoga and more here.

In Drag and Drop

On the eve of the release of Squarespace 6, we caught up with NYC startup Squarespace, which launched from a dorm room in 2004, and has been building website creation tools ever since. The latest is about the closest thing to true drag and drop building we’d seen – read on here.

And yes, folks, tomorrow is the last of our year-end roundups – then it’s on to 2013.

Now go forth (and make something).