Squarespace Note Review

Note-taking on your iPhone made refreshingly simple

Note-taking is an important task, and most of us need to do it at one time or another. Squarespace Note lets you immediately fire up the app and tap away, but goes that bit further with the ability to then send those notes on by email (which means no need to start copying and pasting your little missives), as well as syncing them with Evernote, Dropbox and Squarespace. You can, of course, also use your message as a tweet.

Visually, the app is rather basic, and its black and white design is focused, which puts the emphasis on the notes rather than on trying to impress with a range of added features. It is very much about writing and then using those notes in a variety of ways (even setting it up for default accounts) – or just leaving them where they are for later reference.

Simplicity does tend to be a favourable attribute, though. The keyboard is ready and waiting for you to tap away, and navigation, sharing and sending is by gestures, which leads to a general lack of clutter.

You also get the entire screen to tap away at – although if you want to then go back and edit, it’s pretty fiddly, which surprised us. But then it is an app full of surprises (shake it for night mode, for instance) and it is one that is definitely worth taking note of.