Weekly Overview Horoscope for Pisces


Power surge! Radiant, alluring Venus swoops on into Sagittarius and your tenth house of success from Monday through November 5, amplifying your already considerable charms. Now, you’re a magnet for magnates, attracting some serious heavy-hitters into your radiant sphere. This is a five-star opportunity to spruce up your professional image, working with a stylist, doing a photo shoot for your presentation materials, or even redesigning your website. (For some chic templates, check out Your social life will be filled with elite invitations, too…who doesn’t want to go to a film premiere, as guest of the hottest indie producer in town? Get your name on those VIP lists (which, truth be told, shouldn’t be too hard). Any chance you get to rub elbows with the upper echelons in your industry could lead to major prosperity and killer connections, which are worth their weight in gold. With loving Venus at the helm, it’s the personal touch—not to mention your winning personality—that gives you the edge in business dealings. Sending over a box of lavender French chocolates avec hand-written note after a great client pitch, for example, would be a wise and elegant idea. Venus is a romantic at heart (like, ahem, YOU) and so your love life will be colored by her tour through your tenth house. You could find yourself attracted to a more established, even older, type—someone who could provide for you, even if you don’t need that. You could meet a prospective mate while at a business event. (Do we need to slap on the warning label about blurring line with people in your office? Choose wisely, Pisces.) Coupled Fish might even explore a business idea together or sit down to map out shared goals that are not only practical, but pleasurable, such as saving up for a European vacation or locking down a ski house share for the winter. Speaking of vacations, a big time opportunity could come in from afar this Tuesday, when curious Mercury and planner Saturn align at the same degree of Scorpio in your jetsetting ninth house. This could involve business, an investment opportunity, or traveling with an exciting purpose. With taskmaster Saturn in the equation, however, it might not be fun and games, alas. Some Pisces might have to hop on a plane (or take a long drive) to attend to a family member’s needs or to handle some pressing work matters—not exactly a relaxing vacay, unfortunately, even if it feels good to be responsible. If you’re spinning your wheels, set your sights on farther-from-home territory. Doors could fly open for you in another ZIP code…or country code, even! The virtual-reality of our world doesn’t necessitate travel, thanks to the wonders of Skype and FaceTime. You could link up with a partner-in-crime in said city and prosper together, via satellite. The focus shifts to your regular crew on Friday, when the quarter moon in Capricorn asks you to assess honestly your social network. Who is getting the lion’s share of your time, anyway? The people you surround yourself with DO color the mood of your life. Aren’t you tired of buying pretty hankies for your pal who’s been having the same stagnant romantic issue since before the inception of MySpace? Kick out the Debbie Downers and naysayers, and spend the weekend nurturing bonds with folks who are on an optimistic, heaven-bound trajectory. You might even become an official member of an invigorating new crew before the week is through. Hey, hey new tribe!