We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about Squarespace and whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment of time and exploration – and a contender to WordPress blogging.

Well, although I’ve known about Squarespace for quite some time and even though I’ve recommended to some customers that they take a look at it in earnest, I’ve never dived deeply into it myself since I’ve been so focused on WordPress.

Well, when Squarespace announced their entry into eCommerce adding Stripe integration, a big love of ours here at 8BIT, I knew I had to check it out. Apparently Squarespace has some social media gurus over there (and perhaps mind readers – that’s spooky) and they sent us over a free account to use and to check out.

I decided that I would fully record my experience walking through it for the first time and capture my thoughts on camera.


Although it says it’s a 14 day free trial we got the thing entirely for free.

My initial impressions, as I share in the above video, are simple: I’m impressed. So much so that I would definitely consider recommending it to clients and friends who might need a robust platform for publishing and eCommerce – especially the latter.

The interface was very intuitive and very clean. There were a few browser issues with Safari, which surprised me, but those should be easy to work out.

Thanks so much to the Squarespace team Seine Kim specifically for hooking us up! Great product guys and continue to innovate and iterate as you guys build a great business.