Website lets you easily create your own website



If you’re looking to build a website there’s an easy way to do so. was launched from a dorm room back in 2004 and today it boasts more than 100 web designers and nearly 2 million websites designed for people.

The secret to developing websites so quickly is the template. There are literally hundreds of them.

These are websites someone has already made for businesses, organizations and individuals based on their needs. You literally drop and drag your images or copy into the template. The site sizes and arranges them very professionally.
You can make changes literally overnight and if one template doesn't work you can try another. 

The combinations are almost endless depending on your business or personal needs. It even includes blogs.

If that's not professional enough, Squarespace carefully monitors who is visiting you website and makes that info available at the touch of your mouse.

Here’s the part that makes this website so versatile. Whatever template you build Squarespace produces products for tablet displays and even smart phones without you lifting a finger. In the internet world that alone is worth the $10.00 a month.
So you've never thought of hosting your own website? According to the company almost half of their clients thought just like that.

Then they tried it free for 14 days and found out that being on line with a professional-looking website opened up a whole new world of communication and opportunities they only thought the big boys could afford.

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