New Website

It's amazing how easy it is to put together a website in 2013 compared to just three or four years ago when you had to either hire a designer or learn how to work with a program like Adobe Dreamweaver which would take months to really get a grasp of. Today there are services like Squarespace where you can choose a template, buy a domain, and customize everything right thru their easy to use interface. There are plenty of pre-designed templates to choose from with a large amount of customization options. The sites are also mobile compatible and even give you an option to either have the mobile site look the same as the desktop view or to format it for mobile browsers.


One of the things I was most impressed with was how easy it was to register a domain name. Literally just type in the domain you want, if it's available you are good to go, if not choose another. They also give you the option of having the "www" in front of the name or not. Honestly with Squarespace the hardest and most time consuming part of building a photography website will have nothing to do with the design or domain, but going thru and organzing years worth of photos into a solid portfolio.


You can check the site out at