Interior Design Websites Using Squarespace 6


Interior designers understand that value is contingent upon both aesthetics, accommodation and great interior design should facilitate its own subsequent maintenance. So do we. 

Means-of-Production is a provider websites and marketing to interior designers that is value based, aesthetically driven and easy to manage.

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Your work is unique, because every customer is unique, and your online portfolio is your biggest asset. It must be a display of professionalism, creativity and critical thinking. A cookie-cutter website or one that features the design aesthetic of your websites graphic designer is a frequent mistake. Your efforts are more deserving of a service-specific design that features your work and vision.

For the following reasons, We believe a cloud based system Like Squarespace 6 is the best solution for interior designers. 


The websites we create on Squarespace 6, are launched with off-page and on-page SEO, including photo SEO, to ensure that your website remains visible in search engines, specifically Google.

Cloud Based

Squarespace 6 is a cloud-based system. Access your files with your username and log-in via any device with an internet connection. Managing your interior design websites on Squarespace 6 will amount to less time fooling around with code and updates allowing you to concentrate on promoting your services. 

Responsive Design for Mobile Devices

Interior design websites on Squarespace 6 are responsive and are thus compatible with tablets phones and all mobile devices. According to Microsoft, mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014.

Video and Photo Portfolios
This convenient platform allows you to upload pictures and videos to your galleries as needed. With high visibility in search engines, your videos will be a source of website traffic from YouTube, presently the second most popular search engine in the world. 

Technology and Simple (Not an Oxymoron)

Ease-of-Use benefits include simple integration with all of your social media networking sites and the ability to schedule posts that will appear on one, some or all simultaneously. Landing pages and forms tied to call-to-action allow clients to recieve premium content and sign up for e-newsletters. Sign ups are automatically sent to your Mail Chimp account, where you can create workflows to move clients through the sales process. 

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Roles for Contributors

Its a good business practice to have contributors play a role in the maintenance of your website. For this type of workflow to be effective, you need to assign administrative roles. Squarespace 6 allows contributors to post content they've written with accompanying pictures and videos. Approvals are part of the process ensuring any website or blog updates fall within the brand of your company. You can customize your contributor roles and assign different levels of access and responsibility.


If your interior design firm is considering the sale of products, Squarespace 6 comes with e-commerce built in.  It allows products to be purchased, sold and shipped with minimal effort. The system organizes all transactions and provides real time reporting. 

Website Analytics
Squarespace 6 comes with an analytics dashboard that allow you to track the response to your marketing campaigns. The page identifies commonalities in your website visitors and documents them for your review.

Means-of-Production Builds Squarespace 6 Websites

The bottom line is that we can build a website that includes a blog, a gallery that contains your portfolio and seven pages of written content within three weeks at a price that will blow you away. Contact us for more information on our "Just Get Started" package and see how easy building an online presence that accurately reflects your look and feel can be.