The Web Is One Sketchy Place in Squarespace's Super Bowl Teaser Memes and spam at every turn


Website design service Squarespace has posted a teaser for its Super Bowl ad, which paints a pretty dreary picture of today's Internet.

Opening on a face-swapped baby, which is creepy enough, the ad cuts quickly from real-life incarnations of the Joseph Ducreux meme to annoying banner ads to chat requests from "hot local singles." We then see the ad's jaded protagonist turning to find something that gives him hope, a light in the dark alleys of digital debauchery. But what is it?

Spoiler alert: It's probably Squarespace.

Squarespace is a first-time Super Bowl advertiser and one of the smallest companies to buy a national spot in the game. The ad was created in-house and directed by Malcolm Venville. For many more details on this year's game-day ads, be sure to check out Adweek's Super Bowl Ad Tracker.