Super Bowl Round-Up #2 (6 Days Before the Super Bowl)

Sorry, folks, but I have no time for the usual ribald banter about my homelessness, drug addictions or sexual deviancy.Today is a day for a new Super Bowl round-up AND the latest Malt Liquor Monday installment. I need to be tip-top here. We’re talking advertising, people. This is important.


If advertising can deliver a taste of apt social commentary, then I’m all over it, like a half-speedball I found inside the underpants of a Vietnam Vet schizoid I slept next to – and possibly violated – this weekend. (Dammit, I said NO ribald banter about my homelessness, drug addictions or sexual deviancy! My bad.)

I like this ad, and unlike GoDaddy’s early Super Bowl ads that inspired many of us to ask “What the hell is a GoDaddy and why does it make such stupid ads?”, this one pretty clearly states what Square Space is and why you should use it.

Primo, Square Space. Primo indeed.

And maybe, just maybe … this ad will inspire mankind to take a more judicious look at what they’re doing with their lives and how they spend their time on the web.

But enough about humanity, onto the Ad Goon’s next arbitrary commentary about a Super Bowl commercial on his WordPress blog!