5 ways to get more freelance work

More freelance commissions mean more money, which means more nice things. Natalie Brandweiner explains how to go about it.

It’s tough out there in the world of freelance design and getting commissions is no easy feat, especially when you’re just getting started. Here are five quick tips to help you get those freelance payments rolling in...

01. Get yourself seen


A service like Squarespace can help you create a website without coding skills

It may sound obvious, but if you’re looking to branch out and go freelance then you need to let the industry, and potential clients, know that you’re for hire.

The first step, if you haven’t done so already, is to get yourself a web presence to showcase your design style and portfolio. Use a tool like Squarespace, WordPress or Drupal - the first one's a good option if you have zero web skills. Check out this full selection of the best web builders to find the software that works best for you.

Most importantly, you need to clearly highlight on your page that you’re available for commissions - you'd be surprised how many freelancers don't think of this. Add this statement to your site or blog, as well as your personal social media pages, and make sure it's the first thing people see. If you haven’t many projects to showcase yet (or have too many that use the same skill set), get creative with a few self-initiated projects so you can show off all of your abilities as a designer.

02. Promote yourself

03. Be proactive

04. State your costs

05. Build on your success