Website vs. Blog

There are a lot of web designers that you can hire, if you don't feel comfortable designing your own site. Remember that your blog is to let the employer know your skills and what you can do to add to their company.

Craig's List is a good place to advertise your blog.

Other sites: - This is a platform for creating blogs with a focus on generating traffic. - On this site you can build your blog with numerous themes, and also to add other site features. - A favorite for people who like to sell products. - This is an easy blog to post that have a lot of media rich postings. Check out the blogging. - A favorite that is used by businessmen, and the site is advanced and mostly professionals used the site. - The site is personal and part of the SixApart family. - They offer free blogging, hosting and designs.

WordPress,com - You can use this site to build your own specialized site. - This is a social network site that is part blogging that is all free. - Free blogging site that gives the user 250MB of free storage.