Jeff Bridges Debuts Dreamy Squarespace Super Bowl Ad

Jeff Bridges’ raspy voice will relax anyone – even the most crazed football fans. On Jan. 28, the actor debuted his dreamy new album, ‘Sleeping Tapes’, in a Squarespace Super Bowl ad. Click to watch him in this calming commercial!

Namaste NFL. Jeff Bridge‘s zen like spot for Squarespace may seem more apropos for yoga fans than football fans, but the actor/singer can command any commercial. We encourage the losing team to listen to the 69-year-old’s lullabies on his new album, Sleeping Tapes, since it’s very soothing. Hear it here!

In the 50 second spot, the Academy Award-winning actor urges you to build an inspiring website about a “crazy idea”.

“I love listening to intriguing sounds when I drift off to my dreams,” says the actor and then adds “other’s might.”

Next the mysterious Mr. Bridges pulls out an instrument and plays it while looking up into the stars.

Thereafter, Squarespace encourages you to head over to We have a feeling you may fall asleep after listening to his tracks or you may become inspired to build your own website because as Jeff said, “others might” like it too. So poetic.

Whether or not this ad will increase Jeff’s album sales, we have a feeling that frustrated fans could use a dose of his dreamy tunes on Sunday evening.

And, while the website’s calming commercial may send you into a trance, it’s refreshing and relaxing to watch an ad that isn’t filled with controversial content such as GoDaddy’s ad.

As we previously reported, the company’s commercial has been met with so much backlash from animal rights activists that the company decided not to air the spot. Many believe the ad’s puppy plot line, entitled “Journey Home”, promoted animal cruelty.

The ad shows a sad lost dog named Buddy. After wandering around alone in a storm, Buddy finally reunites with his owner, only to discover that she is glad her pup is safe because she just sold him on Go Daddy! “Ship ‘em out!” she declares as a truck pulls up to pick up the cute canine.

“Essentially, Go Daddy is encouraging private breeding/puppy mills while shelter animals wait patiently for their forever homes or worse — to be euthanized…Animal rights are no laughing matter and to portray them as such as cruel and irresponsible,” the petition states.

So Jeff Bridge’s brief Squarespace ad may very well be slow, but we doubt it’ll provoke such a ruff response like it’s commercial counterparts.