These Were The 11 Best 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

This wasn't a truly great year for Super Bowl ads, but it was at least a somewhat heartening one. The Bowl's ads have so often gone in for ads rank with overdone gags, with irritating sexism, and with returns to dumb tropes like the nagging wife.

But in recent years, that's been changing. Most of the ads this year were about being a better person, on some level. Even renowned provocateur GoDaddy went with an ad about a small businessman working through the Super Bowl to live up to his dreams.

However, the Bowl also lacked a big, breakout ad hit. Mostly, it coasted on familiarity, with cute animals and celebrity cameos popping up everywhere. That said, there were 11 ads that cut through the clutter and struck us as the best.

10) Squarespace, "Dreaming With Jeff"

What sets it apart: This is the only ad with Jeff Bridges going, "Ohmmmmmm." That sets it apart.