Squarespace Goes After GoDaddy with Squarespace Domains

Squarespace just announced the launch of Squarespace Domains enabling customers to start their website building process by buying a domain directly from Squarespace.

In case you think the "goes after GoDaddy" headline is too dramatic, the company is being pretty clear about this being the intent. A spokesperson for Squarespace said in an email the launch allows them to "compete directly with companies like GoDaddy and tap into an adjacent, multi-billion dollar market."

"Now, our customers will be able to purchase a domain, create a website, build an online store, connect to Google Apps for a custom email, and more, all in one place and with zero configuration," the spokesperson says.

Users can go to and enter terms or browse over 200 top-level domains, which start at $20/year.

"Unlike some of our competitors, Squarespace Domains includes WHOIS Privacy at no extra charge, a beautiful ad-free parking page, a same-rate guarantee for renewals, and no hidden fees," the company tells us. "We’ll also soon be offering SSL certificates and domain transfers at no additional cost."

Squarespace says it will introduce additional features for Squarespace Domains in the coming months. You can find more info about the service in this help guide.