Squarespace now lets you publish your blog to Apple News

As a publisher, getting your content into Apple News requires some real behind-the-scenes effort and Squarespace is hoping to change that for its customers. The blogging service announced today that Apple News integration is now available to all customers.

Squarespace handles blog hosting and now Squarespace will let you publish your content to Apple News including rich media like images and galleries, videos, audio, text, Markdown, plus Twitter and Instagram embeds. Apple News posts match the branding of your Squarespace site and include a link back in each post as well.

Even with the Apple News integration, there’s still some work to do up front before you can start publishing your Squarespace content into Apple’s news app, of course:

To publish content from Squarespace to Apple News, you must first sign up for News Publisher and obtain Apple News API credentials from Apple. For more information about Apple News and News Publisher, check out this link.

Squarespace says it will add additional integrations with Apple News in the future and points to this support doc for more details.

Earlier this week, Apple showed new features coming to Apple News later this year in iOS 10 including push notifications for breaking news and subscription support for paywalled content.