John Malkovich Has an Imposter in Squarespace's Super Bowl Pregame Spot

Ad Continues Story of His Attempt to Launch a Fashion Business

Squarespace has revealed its pre-game Super Bowl spot, a continuation of its campaign featuring the travails of John Malkovich trying to set up a fashion design business.

Directed by Miles Jay out of Smuggler for creative collective JohnXHannes, the director's cut of the spot, seen here, sees the actor get decidedly mad when he discovers that another John Malkovich -- a guy with the "ultimate fishing site" -- has taken his domain name. "What the f*** is going on? How can you be John Malkovich?" he explodes, after his assistant mutters, "This is a nightmare." There's also a humorous reference to "Being John Malkovich," which he describes as a movie about him, but assistant points out is about "people being in your head."

It's all beautifully straying into the realms of the meta, when, after composing an angry email to the imposter, the spot ends on Malkovich deciding to call the guy instead; the in-game spot, we suppose, will reveal the outcome.