See John Malkovich Pursue Fashion Career in Meta-Filled Short Film

John Malkovich pursues his lifelong passion for fashion in John's Journey, a short film about the Oscar-nominated actor's metamorphosis into clothing designer.

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"I'm always a figure in someone else's dream. I'd really rather sometimes make my own figures and make my own dreams," Malkovich says of the endeavor. "I never made my life about what other people thought of me or what I should or shouldn't do."

In the short film, shot to look like a movie trailer, Malkovich is shown on movie shoots and hotel rooms working on his sketches and attempting to gain acceptance in the fashion world. At one point, the actor turns down a prospective role to work on his designs.

Although the action is staged, John's Journey is rooted in reality: Malkovich started his career in entertainment as a costume designer and over the past few years has manufactured clothes through his Technobohemian line.

John's Journey was made in partnership with Squarespace, the website-building company that helped launch the actor's revamped, which now spotlights his latest designs and offerings.

The actor and site previously teamed on Malkovich's one-man tribute to the works of David Lynch, including frightening reenactments of scenes from EraserheadBlue Velvet and Twin Peaks.