These are the most socially engaging Super Bowl 2017 ads so far, Mr. Clean and TurboTax topped a ranking of the most engaging Super Bowl prerelease ads and teasers on social media, while Pepsi had three ads on the list.

The list, compiled by analytics company, looked at "earned online engagement," made up of online activity, or the digital share of voice compared to other ads; social actions, such as tweets, shares and mentions; and the number of times an ad had been viewed online via Facebook, YouTube and via, where someone explicitly requested to see a particular ad.

As of January 30, these were the top 10.

8. Squarespace – who is

Actor John Malkovich finds that his namesake URL has been taken by a fishing website in an ad that urges people to "Get your domain before it's gone." The ad has been seen more than 800,000 times since launching last week and has had nearly 3,000 social actions.