Preview The Super Bowl Commercials That Are Already Out

Picture this: you wake up next Monday tired, hungover, and disappointed that you failed to win any money on Super Bowl Squares for the fifth year in a row. This is not much of a fantasy. This is you after every Super Bowl. What is worse? This year you missed the commercial everyone is talking about.

Yeah, you heard me right. As you drag yourself into the office, Glen from Accounting and Linda from HR are already at the watercooler, chatting about their favorite advertisements from last night. What is that? Budweiser had a solid an amazing 60-second spot about the founder of the company? Damn, you must have missed that while on your way to the fridge for the 15th time.

Have no fear! The ever-evolving media industry has led to more and more companies releasing their Super Bowl ads before game itself. With a 30-second commercial reportedly going for more than $5 million for this year’s big game, companies are trying to get the most bang for their buck by pairing their Super Bowl spots with massive online and social media campaigns.

Check out some of the commercials that are already out:

The entertaining and fascinating John Malkovich plays a frustrated version of himself in this short sport for website platform Squarespace. Just a heads up, you do not want to be the guy who owns when he comes looking for it.