The Best of the Super Bowl Ads so Far

There used to be a time when the only way to watch those highly anticipated, blockbuster Super Bowl commercials was to stay in on Sunday and enjoy them with the rest of the football fans. But in today’s social media–dominated world, ads now come out well before the first pass is ever thrown across the field. Already, a number of commercials from advertisers like Budweiser and Audi are causing waves online for their subtle political messages, while others, like Wix’s spot featuring Wonder Woman, have already been viewed almost 4 million times. Hoping to stand out from the crowded landscape, some companies are even experimenting with new advertising approaches this year. Snickers will be debuting a live ad featuring Adam Driver, while Hyundai is filming and editing a 90-second commerical after kickoff, and then premiering it as soon as the game is over. While we wait for those surprises, below, a roundup of our favorite Super Bowl commercials that have already come out.

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