The Big Game: The best ads of Super Bowl LI

There will be much to look forward to when Super Bowl LI kicks off on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017. The New England Patriots taking on the Atlanta Falcons, Lady Gaga‘s awesome half time performance, and of course, the fun, big-budget ads shown in between the plays. Check out the list of the commercials we’ll be watching this year! ~Ashleen Grange “Who Is”

We can all relate to that infuriating experience of excitedly singing up for a domain name, only to realize that someone else has already taken it. John Malkovich has also been through that. Squarespace’s commercial reminds us to make sure we get our domain quickly, before someone else snatches them. Despite literally being John Malkovich, someone has taken the namesake for their own, much to the irritation of the real John. He writes a very “strongly worded” letter to his imposter, telling him to give him his name back or else.