Super Bowl Ads: Politics, Fishing & Oh So Many Celebrities

After the heartbreak of watching Hollywood celebrities, tirelessly pitch their POTUS candidate of choice in vain for months, it will be nice to see them back in their comfort zone on Sunday, pitching products to the American public during TV’s biggest event. Although NFL games overall suffered an 8% slump in ratings this season, for which President Donald Trump has taken credit, Sunday’s Super Bowl is expected to produce crowds on par with last year’s 112M viewers – roughly the same size crowd as watched Trump’s inauguration, his SCOTUS pick primetime special and all future major Trump clambakes, according to White House estimates.

John Malkovich is charting new Super Bowl commercial territory, in a spot that simultaneously touts,, the actor-director’s latest fashion line, and gins up sympathy for some fishing blogger who might or might not be real and/or also named John Malkovich: