These Are, Hands Down, the Best Commercials From the 2017 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is this weekend, and you know what that means: time to pretend like I care about football so I get invited to my neighbor's KFC-catered party. (Sure, I'll feign enthusiasm for sports if chicken fingers are involved. Who wouldn't?) Thankfully, the Super Bowl has enough razzle-dazzle to sort of make me forget that I'm watching a sporting event. And this year there's the halftime show that Lady Gaga is headlining—which you know is going to be crazy. (For the love of pop, Gaga, please bring out Beyoncé for "Telephone!" My 16-year-old homosexual self would die.)

But if Gaga isn't your jam—a.k.a. you're a monster and not the little kind—the Super Bowl commercials are always fun and star-studded. And this year's crop of ads is no exception. From Melissa McCarthy to Miranda Kerr, all of your faves showed up and showed out for the Super Bowl. These Super Bowl ads, hands down, are the best of the bunch. Take a look.


All hell breaks loose when John Malkovich tries to buy the domain name, and it's already taken. By whom?! Who the heck else is John Malkovich?! Watch this commercial to find out. Hint: It involves fish. (???)