The Super Bowl is an event that's all about size: Two big teams face off in a big stadium in a big city as a big pop act performs at a big halftime show. To cut through all the spectacle surrounding the football game and leave an impression, advertisers have to think big, too -- which often results in Super Bowl ads stuffed with celebrities, gimmicks, special effects, expensive stunts, and, if we're lucky, Jeff Goldblum. 

Just like last year, we assessed every Super Bowl commercial and ranked them all, from the inspirational duds to the actually funny ones you might even remember next year. (Note: We left out movie trailers and the local advertisements that pop up during the broadcast.) So grab your favorite Helen Mirren-approved beverage and read on.

15. Squarespace

This is a clever conceit: John Malkovich wants to buy but someone already has the domain name. If you've seen Burn After Reading, you know how funny it is to watch the icy thespian lose his cool. But I hope Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman got royalty checks for this one. Next year, they should just play this "Malkovich? Malkovich" clip during the game and really melt some brains.