The Top Ads of Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl LI marked one of the most exciting culminations of an NFL season in recent memory - the New England Patriots performed the biggest comeback in the history of the game to beat the Atlanta Falcons. But how did the ads do in comparison? 

Politics was unsurprisingly hard to avoid amongst them. Probably the most talked about commercial of the entire event, for a little-known building materials company called 84 Lumber, involved a story about a mother and daughter’s journey across harsh land in search of prosperity, only to be blocked by a ‘wall’. It was actually rejected by Super Bowl broadcaster Fox, so instead a teaser was aired and the full film uploaded to the company’s website just after. Then there was a message of acceptance from Airbnb, a call for equal pay between genders from Audi and more. But, of course, there was humour, silliness and various other themes on show too, as well as the first ever live Super Bowl spot. 

But who came up trumps? Check out the list below for our opinion. 

Squarespace - Who Is

John Malkovich ain’t fucking happy in this Squarespace’s superb campaign. Created by collective JohnXHannes in New York and directed by Smuggler’s Zach Gold.