CMO Next 2018: The Full List of 50 Chief Marketers

Kinjil Mathur, CMO, Squarespace


Kinjil Mathur is driving growth, innovation and social purpose at the 15-year-old website-building company. Previous experience as VP of digital marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue taught the CMO how to scale a business without sacrificing brand—in fact, the e-commerce business there grew from $200 million in revenue to $1 billion in five years. She also was CMO of Foursquare and early-stage startup Artspace, experiences that taught her the value of “a deep obsession with intrinsically knowing consumers’ motivations.” Last year, Squarespace secured the biggest partnership in its history with MSG and the Knicks. And reflective of her belief that business impact equals social impact, the company is an official sponsor of Pride across its three office locations. This year, her team led an Equal Pay Day campaign that galvanized feminist customers, including the likes of Gloria Steinem, to raise awareness and share experiences around issues of pay equity.