Squarespace's New Ads Promise to Solve Most Everything, But the Weird Stuff's Up to You

Build a website? Yes. Get your fiancé on board with an open relationship in Paris? Probably not.

Tim and Katie sure do make an adorable couple, but are they really right for each other? He’s ready to settle down and is clearly smitten with her. Meanwhile, she’s still sowing her wild oats and harboring some boho polyamorous fantasy, set in Paris no less.

Squarespace can only do so much here. In fact, the service can facilitate a wedding-hub website, but it can’t save this relationship. (Will there even be a big day? Or will it be more like a “flexible arrangement” party? It’s a cliffhanger!)

The marketer, in a new campaign featuring the tagline, “A website makes it real,” introduces several characters in short- and long-form content and dedicated microsites. There’s the fed-up executive who’s looking for an immediate exit strategy (“Sinking Ship”) and the budding streetwear designer who needs an ecommerce platform for his canine fashion (“Underdawg”).

Then there’s Tim and Katie, who Squarespace creative director Ben Hughes thinks “seem worthy of a Netflix sitcom.” The name of their spot, “Wedding Planning,” could turn out to be a misnomer, especially considering (as we learn in the longer spot below) she still seems to be hung up on her ex, some ripped dude named Matt.

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