The Tech Executive Who Isn’t Afraid to Wear All-White

Ask people to imagine a tech executive, and chances are they’ll picture someone in a hooded sweatshirt or maybe a black turtleneck. There’s a stereotype around how tech people dress, and it has no room for a woman like Kinjil Mathur, the chief marketing officer at Squarespace, who regularly shows up to work in a mix of sleek, monochromatic pieces by the likes of Isabel Marant, Chanel, and Reformation.

Mathur is happy to defy expectations. Born in Texas, she did a tour of the fashion world before landing in tech, working at Neiman Marcus and Condé Nast and then spending five years at Saks Fifth Avenue, where she became vice-president of digital marketing. Following Saks, Mathur hopped over to Foursquare before reaching Squarespace. In addition to her day job, she also serves as an executive committee member on the CFDA Fashion Trust and holds an advisory board position on Ellevest, a start-up focused on helping women invest.

The Cut caught up with Mathur at the sleek Squarespace offices. There, she talked about her version of a work uniform, the way her style has evolved, and why she never worries about spills.

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