6 Things You Need to Know Today

A roundup of the day's news curated by the Inc. editorial team to help you and your business succeed.

1. So Much for Your Gut

A recent study, led by a Harvard professor and published in the April edition of Psychological Science, found that the ability to discern if others are trustworthy, dominant, and competent just by looking at them is not a skill honed over time and with experience. Adults and children evaluated faces similarly during the study, showing that you may not be as good a judge of character in the hiring process as you think you are.--Harvard Business Review

2. Tax-Day Plea

Airbnb, which is reportedly seeking new funding that would value it at $10 billion, is still sparring with New York City. The latest: Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky penned an editorial claiming that current tax laws prevent the company from collecting what would amount to $21 million in occupancy-related taxes for the city per year. Your move, regulators.--The Huffington Post

3. Take That, GoDaddy

Squarespace, the Web design and hosting startup, announced a $40 million round of funding. In its zeal to top rival GoDaddy, the company said last month it plans to spend--you guessed it--$40 million on advertising this year to expand its market.--PandoDaily

4. How to Encourage Niceness in the Office

Here's a good reason to keep a few extra snacks around the office: A growing body of research suggests that there's a real connection between low blood sugar and becoming angry. In one study, researchers found that participants who drank lemonade were less likely to be mean to others and blast them with loud noise when given the chance.--Vox

5. Game On

Next week's Supreme Court battle won't be easy for Aereo, the cable upstart taking on broadcasters, the Office of the Solicitor General, and the U.S. Copyright Office. According to some legal experts, the "case is so complex and the communications statutes so intricate that ... the decision could end up as lopsided as 7-1--in either direction." Keep an eye on this one, as it should be instructive for other disruptive startups ruffling feathers in their respective industries.--The Hollywood Reporter

6. Legal Recourse for Interns

Does your company run on intern power? New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio just signed a bill giving unpaid interns the ability to sue if they believe they are being discriminated against or sexually harassed. The legislation comes in response to a federal court ruling stating that a woman couldn't sue a TV station where she worked for sexual harrassment because she was not paid.--CBS New York