Don’t forget about website runner Squarespace. It just raised $40M

Squarespace has grown from a personal project into a company with hundreds of thousands of customers. Now it's seeking to broaden its scope by becoming more flexible for developers.


Above: The Squarespace office in New York.

Image Credit: Squarespace

Back in 2003, Anthony Casalena just wanted a hosted blog with photo galleries and statistics. He was a college student, not an entrepreneur. But his plans changed.

“Instead of putting a Frankenstein [monster] together, I started building Squarespace myself,” Casalena, Squarespace’s founder and chief executive told VentureBeat.

The company he built has been growing and growing over the years, morphing from a simple content management system into a full-fledged platform with hundreds of thousands of customers, elegant stock site templates, automatic mobile site creation, e-commerce capabilities, and a content-delivery network. ...