How Squarespace Designed a Sophisticated Headquarters Where Grownups Get Things Done

It’s 10 a.m. on a Wednesday, and 332 Squarespace employees are working in the company’s new Manhattan offices. The space, designed by New York architect firm A+I (which also designed offices for Tumblr, HBO and iHeart Media), is three floors of wood and concrete. “Open spaces ensure communication and collaboration,” says CFO Nicole Anasenes, “but the office is also dotted with closed-off offices -- intimate, private spaces to encourage creativity.” So what’s everyone up to today?


Kelsey Rose
Software engineer on the Commerce team

“The industry is full of places where there are a lot of handoffs without collaboration. Here, I can start a conversation with a project manager or designer in five minutes.”

John Branch IV
Customer OPS team lead

“The special part of this office is how it fosters employee engagement. We don’t connect just on projects but also through events. And we have a game room. My favorite is Super Smash Bros. Melee.”

Farah Sheikh
Project manager

“There’s a resistance to the idea of project management because of the misconception that you just set deadlines and schedule meetings. Here, the role is to build up your team so they can succeed, not to hold them back.”

Matthew Zito
Director of product

“The design aesthetic is grown-up compared with other tech company offices. They’re often infantilizing, built on bright color and Razor scooters. This feels like a place where adults come to get stuff done.” 


Massella Dukuly
Customer opS team lead

“Management is mixed in with us in the open floor plan, which means there isn’t a day when I can’t engage or connect with leadership. When you have access, you realize there’s so much potential to exceed your expectations.”

Kerri Angell Joller
Managing HR business partner

“HR can get a bad rep for being all work and no play, but our team here is extremely warm and open, even more so than what I’ve experienced at other companies that I’ve been a part of.”


Andrew Burke
Manager of recruiting

“I’ve been here for six years, which in the tech world means I’ve been here for something like 30. The normal tenure at other companies is more like two or three years.”

Perry Alexander
Channel strategist 

“Call me a traditionalist, but I work at my desk. It is a standing desk, though, so not that traditional, I guess.”