John Malkovich Fights For His Domain In The Squarespace Super Bowl LI Spot

John Malkovich is fighting with another fellow this time, to get his own domain name for the Super Bowl ad by Squarespace.

Squarespace today revealed the creative direction of its fourth Super Bowl campaign. The newly released director’s cut of the pre-game spot follows John Malkovich as he attempts to register a domain with Squarespace and builds a website for his new fashion brand.

For the big game, Squarespace will be airing a 30-second in-game spot and a 60-second pre-game spot which will encourage viewers everywhere to get their domain before it’s gone.

Let’s take a look at the spot, here:

The humorous dialogue between the star and the woman are remarkable such as, “How is it that is taken?” he asks wittily. The woman approaches and stares into the computer screen. “Somebody already snatched it,” she says. “But I’m him,” Malkovich sputtered, ‘There’s a film about me being me.’

Then the woman asks, “Isn’t it a film about other people being inside you?” “Sure, why not,” the actor says.

David Lee, CCO at Squarespace commented about the spot, At Squarespace, we seek to work with bold, creative individuals who aren’t afraid to take risks. John’s willingness to evolve as a creative and actually create a new career for himself, entirely separate from what he’s best known for, was incredibly inspirational to us, and represents the kind of entrepreneurial spirit we support at Squarespace.

The star, John Malkovich says, As I continue to establish my reputation as a designer, it’s incredibly important for me to have a professional online store that’s in my own name,” said John Malkovich. “I’m so pleased that an all-in-one solution like Squarespace exists so I can focus on building my fashion collection and leave the technical stuff to the experts.

The ad was created by the company and the award-winning creative collective, called JohnXHannes to develop and produce the Super Bowl spots. The campaign was produced in conjunction with Smuggler and Flower Ave., directed by Miles Jay, with photography by Zach Gold.

Jokes apart, the domain for John Malkovich’s website is indeed hosted by Squarespace. The spot is just another brilliant idea by this amazing collaboration!